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I love to write. I wrote as a little girl and found it again after having three kids. This will be a way for me to 'keep up' with getting published. Since I'm not published, I hope this will keep me on target and not stray.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Are you kidding?!!

WOW Let me say I'm shocked! LOL
I never click the profiles in blogger, but I tried to upload a pic- which failed I might add LOL
and was shocked at the downloaded profiles!
I never would have dreamed it. over 400 people have looked at mine.
Bored them to tears, I'm sure! But I wouldn't have imagined 1 or 2 people looking ROFL!
So wow- Thanks for looking :D

This is my attempt (while I'm posting anyway) to upload my mug to blogger- sorry if I frightened you :P )

While I posted, DH called from work. He works in a car parts factory and a foot and a half long copperhead came inside the building! Egads! Good thing steel toed boots are a must! I'm glad someone spotted it before anyone was bitten! That could have been tragic!
Be safe everyone, whether at work or play!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Losing It

Losing It
by Kate Willoughby
ISBN 1-59578-224-9

For months, biochemist Charlotte Gibson has secretly lusted over Ben Hayden while he’s been refurbishing her house. But there’s no way the sexy-as-sin carpenter would ever look twice at a Shrinking Charlotte like her.

Not one to mix business with pleasure, Ben has been trying to hide the fact that, when it comes to Charlotte, he’s got more than just a hammer in his pocket. But now that he’s found out her deepest, darkest secret, Ben’s going to show Charlotte just how happy he is to see her…

Link to buy: http://www.king-cart.com/cgi-bin/cart.cgi?store=linda018&product_name=Losing+It&return_page=&user-id=&password=&exchange=&exact_match=exact

Link for excerpt: http://www.liquidsilverbooks.com/books/losingitexcerpt.htm

Her website: http://www.kate-willoughby.com/
Her blog: http://www.katewilloughby.blogspot.com/
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