Writing my life away

I love to write. I wrote as a little girl and found it again after having three kids. This will be a way for me to 'keep up' with getting published. Since I'm not published, I hope this will keep me on target and not stray.

Friday, September 30, 2005


hee hee Kristen's hooked me on this! I sold some shares and have quite a bit of "money" to play with now! LOL this is cool. Now if only I could do that on the real stock market!

Okay people -- go buy!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Did someone say PIZZA?

hee hee okay my hubby delivers pizza part time so after seeing this on the wonderful Kristen's blog, I couldnt' resist Here is the type of pizza I am-- hope it comes out right.

Cheese Pizza

Traditional and comforting.
You focus on living a quality life.
You're not easily impressed with novelty.
Yet, you easily impress others.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Busy busy busy!

what a week! I've not been online since about Monday like I usually am. I've been driving my life away... looking for a better way oohhhooohhh meeee..... sorry song flashback. hee hee

So I'm totally missing out on the Fast Draft workshop at Romance Divas and I don't like that part, but I love the time out. It's so pretty to of the day even though it's hot. I watch the sun come up in the morning since I face East on my way home and it's beautiful watching it rise over the Appalachian mountains. Driving is so freeing and since that stretch of road has few cops and is straight as can be I can floor that little car and go! hee hee no I'm not confessing how fast I was driving. What is someone read my posts?! LOL So probably only one more day of this crazy schedule and I'll be back to staying home, but it's been fun and enjoyable if not tiresome. Course I'm not in bed before 7am usually anyway what's one more hour?

Write all you can today, who knows what sunrise you want to see tomorrow :-D

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reviews are up!

Alright people! My words are golden! NOT. (grin) Okay so my words are not golden, but hey I can tell you about some books I've read recently! Go to Romance Divas Book Reviews to read all the Diva reviews. Here's the hightlight on mine :-D Click the Title for my reviews and click the author names for their websites!

Check this one out. This book is already at Walmart so I suggest you run out and grab a copy! :-D
To The Limit By Cindy Gerard

Have you been to Phaze.com lately? Check out these ebooks I enjoyed.
MacDougal's Rule by Adriana Dane
Diet Another Day by Pamela Downs

Have a great reading day!!

coming soon: Wanna Get To Know Ya by Reon Laudat

Friday, September 16, 2005

Year to date accomplishments!

Ok so I posted on my other blog about Romance Divas. I forgot the URL so I pop back over to it and huh, I've already got two comments? Seemed weird, but I'm thinking I'm gonna check. Hit with that spam blog first thing! I'd forgotten to set the verification on it. Well it's done now. :-D

Well Romance Divas are busy this coming week!! We're talking Candace Haven AND Deidre Knight both starting Sept. 18th. So get your butt on over there!! It's a free workshop curtesy of Candace Haven and Q&A with Deidre Knight. It's promising to be an exciting week!! Go on get (right after you read the rest of what I have to say! :D)

Gee what do I have to say? hee hee I can be windy. I entered the Blaze! It will be October 15 before I hear anything. which I don't expecting anything LOL But hey cool I entered for real! There were times that I didn't think I'd make the deadline, but I did!! Yay me! Plus I'm fine that they won't call me up and say hey we want to buy your book! (heck it's not even finished!) but it was experience I was aiming for so I got some and will (assumingly) get more.
Now if I could just get the MS finished! Isn't that a huge draw back? Oh well onward and upward!
So I'm going to finish this MS, write about three stories for Woman's World (I have one current rejection, I think five rejections is the going perfection rate LOL), and I'm seriously thinking about the Writer's Digest Short Shorts Story Competition. I've been "planning" for about three years to enter that sucker, and I've found courage in my writing at Romance Divas I didn't have before. So this year may be the year!! hee hee nope not a plug, but just one reason I love being a part of Divas. I am so happy with the writing I'm accomplishing everyday I get in there and read what everyone else is doing. I'm inspired to write. I'm inspired to work harder than I did before. I'm inspired to try harder! Thanks Divas!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

L.A. Power outages and Romance Divas

Hi all. Spreading the word. Since Los Angelos is having a Power failure, I'm afraid Romance Divas is currently offline. At the moment no one can contact Jax either, but hopefully once power is restored contact with Jax and Romance Divas will be back on track.

Take Care in California Gals!!! Be Safe.

Gee this is like the Harlequin Blazes-- 24 Blackout books. I have and read two of the three. Hopefully our Divas are doing fine, maybe just as good as the books ;-)

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